Events & Schedule

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The schedule will be posted about a month before the convention.  Watch this space for the link!

Hotel floorplan and convention layout

NOTE:  Tiny Paws Con will have a 30-minute lunch break from noon to 12:30pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a similar 60-minute dinner break from 6pm to 7pm on Friday and Saturday.  During this time The Expo will be closed (except on Friday when it will just be opening at noon) and all departments will also be closed.  No events will be specifically scheduled for these periods.  This does not mean that the convention is supplying food for its attendees.  If you plan ahead for food to be delivered, ask for it to be delivered at the start of this breaktime; don't order lunch at noon only to have it delivered 40 minutes later when everything is in full swing again!  This might also make delivery simpler for the restaurants.

Guests of Honor

D. Walker of Hopeful Monster Studios (@HopefulMonsterD on Twitter)

D. is a Connecticut freelance artist who wears many hats.  Spawned & residing in the Nutmeg State, she is a mixed media artist who is constantly experimenting with new ideas.  Having been heavily influenced as a child by the likes of Jim Henson, Brian Froud, & many other fantasy artists, her work leans strongly towards creature design & creation.  As a stay-at-home mom, D. enjoys sharing her love of art with her 5-year-old daughter, who often costumes with mom at furry conventions. Showing the next generation the creativity, passion, & artistic side of the fandom has been a wonderful experience for both mother & munchkin.  As the creator of Cruinndrac Farms Wyrm Breeding Game, D. spends much of her nights buried in clay & fluff.  When not creating Wyrms, she enjoys working in a wide variety of other media.  When asked what the best part of the furry fandom is, her answer is simple.  "The people, definitely!  The fans, artists, staffers & everyone who make conventions such a fun, social, inspiring environment.  It creates an energy that's contagious in the best possible way!"

boobun aka Rachel Landers (@booboobunn on Twitter)

I'm boobun from Tewksbury, Massachusetts!  I've been a part of the fandom since 1999 and started going to cons in the year 2004, with FurFright being the first con I attended at the age of 19!  I've been a pretty constant staple at almost every New England convention's dealer room for the last 10 years!  I draw cute cartoon animals for fun and profit and I'm inspired by pretty much every animated thing ever.  American cartoons and anime are pretty much all I watch!  I like neon colors, cartoon food, and objects that aren't food but that're shaped like food (like pillows shaped like burgers and stuff like that).  In my time not spent drawing at furry cons, I am usually found working my boring office call center job, baking cookies, or hanging out with a bunch of my pals locally in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Our Best Features!

The Expo

We have a huge dealer room filled with the best artists and dealers in the fandom!  Who could ask for anything more?!  For more information, visit the Dealer Registration page.  To view a list of our dealers, check out the Artists and Dealers section at the bottom of this page.

Tabletop Gaming

We’ve got tournaments and pick-up games running all three days!  Role-playing, card games, and other games, we’ve probably got it!

Charity Raffle

Bid on and win one-of-a-kind furry art and merchandise at our Charity Raffle!  All proceeds go to help our charities, so donate what you can and bid often!  Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each in the Charity room.  We can provide donation receipts for those of you who want to claim your donation on your taxes.

Creative Spaces

Nothing soothes the soul more than making something fun and imaginative.  We will be offering a number of classes and crafting opportunities, ranging in skill level from super-basic (but still enjoyable!) to professional, all geared to inspire your creativity.

Do you have a particular crafting or creative skill?  Go to our Panel submissions page to submit your own event.  The event can be purely social (like a stitch ‘n’ kvetch) or instructional.  We are also interested in events to craft simple, quick items to be donated to charity like hats, cowls, mittens, and fleece blankets if you would like to play host to your fellow crafters.  Feel too shy to lead a creative event or class?  If your ConCat can do it, so can you!

Do you have a stash of yarn, fabric, fake fur, or other crafting supplies or basic equipment which is getting out of hand?  Destash your extras by donating them to the convention and we will see they are put to a positive, charitable use!  Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your donation.  We can provide donation receipts for those of you who want to claim your donation on your taxes.


Attendee Guest of Honor

Prior to the beginning of the convention, the name of one of our pre-registered attendees will be randomly drawn.  That person will have their membership upgraded to our Architect level and also receive free Tinker admission to next year’s event.  (If the selected attendee has already purchased an Architect registration, their free membership for the next year’s event will be upgraded to Architect instead.)

Social spaces galore!

We've got huge lobbies on the main and second floors and an outdoor patio so you can experience the brilliance of that bright ball in the sky called Sol!  It's amazing!  And, if you expose your skin to Sol for safe periods of time, the light actually provides your body with a natural source of Vitamin D!  But that's what we do here at Tiny Paws Con, work miracles of science!


Note:  This list may change at any time without notice.

BooBun - GOH

D. Walker of Hopeful Monster Studios - GOH

Amigurumi by HollyAnn

Art by Rabbi Tom

¡buffaluffalo! arts

Cayden Crafts

Code Name: Hunter

Coventry Decor

The Dragon's Lair


Grandpaw Joe's Defaced Vinyls And More!




The Mad Tea Party


Makoto's Creations


Old Goat Medicine Show and Menagerie

Owl's Mirror Studio

Rainy Day Paperback

Sam Neukirch

Scents Fur All

Shadra Avro Art


Spore Prince


Tally Mark Sculpture Studio


Windfalcon - Falcon Moon Studio


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